Children and Family Photography Melbourne

My name is Samira and I am an easy going, friendly and passionate photographer. I offer beautiful and natural children and family photography in Melbourne, Geelong and surrounds.

Children and Family Photography is so important to me as I understand as much as anyone that those we love most won’t always be around. I lost my mum and Nanna at a young age which was my only immediate family prior to having my own children. Without photos, I would have only very distant memories. Each time I look back at photos it reminds me of how much I was loved. I want to do the same for you and your children.  Not only will you look back and remember just how small they were, how they did that cheeky grin, the way their hair looked and smelt. But they will look back and see how much they were loved.

I want to capture your families true essence. I want my photographs to show who you are, what makes you all laugh and what you love to do together that brings genuine smiles. You are perfect, just the way you are. Please don’t put off getting family photos done as tomorrow is never guaranteed. Your beautiful children love you exactly as you are and this is your gift to them to cherish forever. I am not about photographing the way you look, I am about capturing your CONNECTION. So please, connect, love on one another and let me do my thing. As it’s what I do best. 🙂 

Child and Family Photography Melbourne

What time of day will my session be?

If we are doing your family session outdoors then we will always be shooting within a couple of hours of sunset. This is when the light is best as the sun is low in the sky, nice and soft and not causing unflattering shadows on our faces. If your session is with small children or babies and you elect to do it in the studio, then it is normally within school hours.

What if it rains?

We do live in Melbourne and this is always a possibility! Of course, if rain is scheduled on the day of our session then we will reschedule. Sometimes it may only be a small shower in the morning and still completely fine for our session in the late afternoon. This is something we will talk about leading up to and on the day. I try my best to only schedule outdoor sessions every second weekend. So if it DOES rain, we will be ok and should be able to reschedule to the following weekend.

What do I wear?

 This is the fun part! Planning and coordinating outfits. Upon booking, I send you through information and a link to an inspiration board. This will help assist you in planning what you will all wear on the day of your photography session. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid heavy patterns & distracting logos. I am always happy for you to send through photos of what your thinking and seek my advice! Sometimes an outside opinion can really help. I personally love neutrals, mixed with some warm tones such as rust, browns, mustards etc. There are so many possibilities!

How often should I update our family photos?

Families are never the same; they’re always growing and changing. This is one of the reasons why I truly love being a photographer. With many of my clients, I get the privilege of seeing them grow as a family by taking their portraits every year. Don’t take your family’s current stage for granted, as it only takes a few months for your family to change and grow.

Don’t like posed family photos? Worried about feeling awkward?

If posed family photos aren’t your thing then that’s cool too! I love to do family photography sessions outdoors where you and your children can have fun and explore the elements. This allows for more candid, lifestyle images to take place. I love more than anything to capture YOUR authentic connections and love for one another. With an option of beach or forest style shoots, there is something that suits every family. 🙂 

Sound good? Let’s get you booked in before you forget!

Life is busy and we get caught up in just getting through each day and week. Time to stop and take a couple hours out of your time to create some memories and beautiful imagery which will be cherished forever. Let me tell your story!

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